What Is Concrete Leveling

Over time soil settlement creates voids below concrete slabs. Concrete slabs then sink, and crack with time. Slab leveling helps fill these voids. This also stabilizes the ground and lifts the sunken cement to a more level position. When done right, the repairs can be virtually invisible.

Slab leveling, also called “slabjacking”, is a safe and effective method for lifting settled concrete. It can also be used in commercial and residential applications such as for driveways. patios, walkways, and flooring. The process involves drilling through the sunken concrete. Then a cement or slurry slurry can be pumped through the holes under the sunken concrete. Once the slurry has been pumped under the concrete it expands, bringing the concrete back up to level. The drilled holes and injection points are then caulked, and the concrete is ready to use.

There are a few different methods for slabjacking, and each has its pros and cons. Mudjacking, for example, uses a slurry mixture to pump underneath and around the concrete in order to lift it. This slurry can wash off when it rains and leave you with a concrete surface that is uneven. It can also cause structural damage to your concrete and allow weeds to grow.

Self-leveling compound is another method that’s popular. It’s poured on top to level out the concrete. This can be an effective solution for small jobs. However, it’s not recommended to use on exterior concrete because of the possibility that it will chip off due excessive moisture or freeze-thaw cycles.

Concrete leveling can be a more cost-effective and faster option for Sidewalk Repair, than replacing the entire slab. The process of removing the old concrete and pouring in a new one is time-consuming, expensive, and requires a lot more effort. It can also cause damage to landscaping and leave a mess in its wake. Concrete leveling takes little time, is inexpensive, doesn’t disturb the landscaping, and is quick.

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