Title IX Lawyer: Why You Need One

An attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable can assist you in defending your rights, whether you’ve been accused of violating Title IX or are the victim of discrimination. Allen Harris’ Syracuse attorneys at Allen Harris will take the time to analyze your situation, help you make a complaint and offer assistance throughout the disciplinary process.

Your school’s grievance procedure under Title IX

Generallyspeaking, under Title IX, it is not a violation of the law for a school to conduct an investigation to determine if there has been discriminatory behavior by a school employee. If you’re not comfortable communicating the issue directly to your school, an attorney may be able to assist in completing the form and assist you in creating the paperwork.

Schools are required to investigate all complaints of sexual misconduct against students according to the federal requirements of Title IX Lawyer Alexandria, even if the complainant has requested confidentiality. Failure to properly investigate or manage the complaint could result in severe consequences such as discipline, ranging from losing student housing and full-year suspensions to expulsion.

Your School’s Appeals Process under Title IX

A university or college typically gives the complainant and respondent the opportunity to appeal a decision based on the basis of an investigation. If the school allows you to appeal, they must follow a normal review procedure, with equal access and fairness for both sides of the dispute.

A lawyer-advisor is a valuable resource in this review process. They can help you prepare your appeal and also defend your case at the hearing. Your lawyer can also assist you negotiate a compromise to your complaint in the event that your university or college is willing to offer this.

Title IX: Your School’s Discipline Policy

It is clear that Title IX disciplinary policies at universities and colleges are incredibly complex. There are penalties that range from expulsion, to suspensions for the whole year and loss of student housing. Before imposing a punishment, schools must thoroughly review the entirety of its disciplinary procedures.

Your Right to A Non-Disciplinary Redress

After being charged with violating Title IX, there are numerous options in order to obtain compensation for the harm you’ve suffered as a result of the school’s actions. You may be able to make an administrative complaint to OCR or file a civil lawsuit against the school.

Your school’s disciplinary code is under Title IX

The disciplinary code of your school is usually available to you for viewing by contact the student affairs office. The document contains the university’s policy on disciplinary matters and provides information on how to report violations or conduct an investigation.

The school’s discipline procedure under Title IX

The majority of universities and colleges have a Title IX policy that requires the institution to investigate any allegations of harassment or sexual assault within 24 hours. This is to ensure that there isn’t any evidence that a school employee is aware about any alleged sexual abuse.

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